Fusion hairextensions

Hello peoples of the internet!

Fusion bonding is technique for putting hairextensions in. It’s also called the strand by strand method. This process is very long.

You can get the extensions all in the same color, but I added also fun colors underneath . The first 2 rows are in color and the other rows are blond. There are in total 106 strands on her head.

Row 1: In the first row the extensions are pale pink wik a blue dip-dye effect. There are 16 strands in this row.

Row 2: In this row I mixed the pale pink ones with bright pink extensions. This makes it a bit softer looking. There are 22 strands in this row.

Row 3: This row is completely blond. I’ve used 2 colors of blond: golden blond- ash blond. With 2 colors of blond it is easier to match the extensions to her own hair. There are 21 strands in this row.

Row 4: This is the last row for the back and it has the same color combination as row 3. In this row are the strands not as close to each other. This row contains 19 strands.

This are the rows for the sides. There are 2 rows on each side and they all contain 11 strands of hair.

You can stil pull the hair up without showing the extensions.

The hairextensions are invisible and you don’t feel them when you touch the hair. It looks like her own hair. You do need to cut the end s of so they don’t look to stringy after putting them in.


  • You take a very little strand of hair.
  • You take the extension and hold together in 1 hand.
  • You take the bonder and melt the extension on the hair for 3 seconds.
  • Let it sit for 2 seconds and twist the strands together.

You can’t wash your hair for 2 days and try to put no products on the bonds. Wash with a sulfate free shampoo. They can stay in your hair from 4 to 6 months.


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