Henna for hair

hello everyone

I wanted to try henna for along time and finally i did it!

I bought my henna in a herbal shop named: erica. You can buy there all nice stuff.

Henna is a plant based dye, so it won’t damage your hair. It is actually very good for your hair. I bought 2 tipes of henna: one was in super red and was 4.85 euro. The second one was there own brand and was 2.50 euro.

The first time henna.

The first extensions where orange blond and they where very dry. I left the henna in the hair for 2 hours. The end result was a copper gingery color. It was a good color but i wanted it RED.

The second time henna

This extensions where already treated with henna but i wanted more red. I left the henna in the hair for 20 hours. Maybe you think: 20 HOURS? But the color will only get more vibrant if you leave it in for this long. This time the color became red. The next times when i’m going to do henna i will leave it in for a very long time.


  1. Make shore your hair is clean and dry.
  2. You put the henna in a plastic jar and put hot water in it. The consistency should be thin enough to put in your hair easy.
  3. Than you let it cool down.
  4. You put it in your hair in sections.
  5. You let it sit in as long as you want.
  6. You need to wash your hair for a long time and you have to use allot of shampoo.
  7. Don’t use your best shampoo because you need allot of shampoo.

Facts about henna.

  • Pure henna will make your hair red.
  • After you dyed your hair with henna you can’t use any chemical hair dyes for a few months.
  • Your hair will have more shine, strength, moisture
  • Henna has a bad smell but i don’t really care.
  • When dying your hair with henna you CAN’T use METAL.

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