Care hair extensions

Hello everyone

Do you want to use your extensions as long as possible, but don’t know how? Here is an explanation plus tips!


  • You don’t have to wash your extensions as often as your own hair. This makes them dry and less beautiful. You should wash them about once per month if you regularly wear them and when you use almost no products on them. If you wear them a lot more and you put products on them, you properly have to wash them more . If you wear them sometimes for a night out. Than you don’t have to wash them allot.
  •  wash your extensions with a mild shampoo for coloured hair and wash it one time.
  • You need to use a conditioner for damaged hair, they will be nice and soft. You let this sit for a couple of minutes.
  • You follow with a hair mask. You let it sit for 15 minutes. This will keep them longer beautiful.
  • I recommend also to keep all extensions in an elastic. Than they don’t knot.


  • Let them dry naturally and never use a hair dryer, this is very bad for hairextensions.
  • Never brush wet hair extensions. If you do it may break the hair faster, just like your own hair.

Styling and brushing?

  • Always use a heat protector!


Always keep them in a rubber band and in a place where it is safe like a box. You can also store them in a special bag.


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