DIY: clip in hairextensions

Hello everyone

Clip in hairextensions are fun, but they can be very expensive. That’s why I’m going to make them myself.


  • weft hairextensions
  • Hairextension clips
  • scissors
  • needle
  • sewing wire


  • You take the hair. I use the brand Gold22. They are 20 inches long and 100 grams hair. The color is 6/27.

  • You cut the extensios on the size of you head. the clips you need differences per person.
Here you see a video explaining how you sew the clips to the wefts of hair. This isn’t me because it was really tricky to explain on a blog
  •  The first weft is 8 cm long. This one will go on the bottom.
  •  Than you have 4 pieces that are 10 cm long. These will fit the sides.
  •  The 2 biggest go after the first 3 from side to side.

How do you put them in?

You put them over a piece of hair and press them close. The first one is the one off 8 cm, then 2 of the 10 cm, then the 2 of 30 cm, and the last 2 of the 10 cm at the top.
Before and after:

first was her hair thin and not very long.

Straight hair:

Curled hair:

More about the hair.

  • The hair is remy human hair. That means that all the cuticles are still in the same direction, if you don’t have this, it wil knot very easy.
    The hair is  20 inches, but I have cut the ends and now they are approximately 18 inch. the colors are: light brown with dark warm blonde.
    The hair was 67.5 euro but I had 10% discount so I paid something like 61.75 euro. I’ve bought them in Pakvoordeel in Arnhem. The site is I recommend you to buy sum there. This is much cheaper than ready-made clip in extensions

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