Summer hair products

Hallo everyone

Summer is here and that is often the time of year that your hair will get the most damaged . For this purpose I composed for you holiday products. Some are against chlorine, Sun and uv radiation, and other are simply very good products for damaged hair.

Uv protection.

These are spray’s for your hair before you go into the sun. They protect against Sun, sea, chlorine and uv radiation. They also make your hair very soft and shiny. Purchased in sale for 5 euro per piece. Both 100 ml.


This is a natural shampoo of Erica, a herbal shop. This shampoo is very mild and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t foam because there are no sulphates in the shampoo. This shampoo is 5 euro and 250 ml.


This is a repair treatment for damaged hair. You do this in your hair after shampoo and let it sit for 15 minutes. 14.95 euro for 200 ml.



This is a moisture conditioner that gives your hair allot of moisture. It smells really good! It makes your hair super soft also. Purchased in sale: 20 euro 750 ml.

Hair mask.

This is a mask that is not very known in Netherlands but veeery good. This is the Macadamia deep repair mask. I love this stuff. You  put a bit in your hair and let  it sit for 7 minutes. Your hair will be super soft, supple and shiny. This is unfortunately expensive. It is 29.95 euro and 250 ml at

Haar oil.

This is an argan oil treatment for after washing. This is a very good oil for your hair and I have already written a post about it on my blog.

You don’t need to use these products at the same time. just alternate.


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