Sulphate free!

Hi all

This ia a review about the L’oreal sulphate free line. I bought the conditioner in London and the shampoo in france. That’s also the reason why the language on the green bottle is French.



This is a very nice shampoo. There are no sulphates in the shampoo so it isn’t as harmfull for your hair. It has a very minty smell, wich I like. The shampoo is very thick and isn’t as runny as all the other shampoos are. It will get you hair clean, but stil make it very soft. The only thing is the packaging. The packaging is plastic but not very strong, so you will get very much dents. This is the same for the whole line.


The conditioner is nice but not very much more. I like it, but i’m not in love with it. It does smoothes your hair down and makes it soft, but i’ve had better condtioners. It does smells very nice and you don’t need to use allot.



On the left is the shampoo. You can see that it is creamy and thick. The conditioner is also very thick , but still easy to apply. I like when hair products aren’t to thin and watery.

See you next time.


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