hey everyone


Want to know how to make curls with a curling iron? Than stay tuned.

Stuff you need:


  • Heat protector
  • Brush
  • Hair clip
  • Curling iron
  • Your hair 🙂

How to do?


Put a little bit of Bioslik in your hair (for example).


Make a part behind your ears. It depends on how much hair you have.

Take a piece of hair and put it between the clamp of the curling iron. Than roll up and hold for 5 seconds or longer. Release the curl and let it sit. Don’t brush after you made the curl, the curl won’t hold as long. Make shore you curl upp the right direction. Otherwise you wil get weird kinks in your hair.


The first row is done :p


Next layer of hair.

After curling, brush threw the hair to separate the curls. You can also put some hairspray or serum in your hair.

Before and after:


Hope you now know hot to use a curling iron.

See you next time lovely readers.



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