Crazy hair colors!

Hi all

You want to know how to dye your hair crazy colors? Than stay tuned.

Crazy hair colors are fun, but you maybe don’t want is as your permanent hair color. Directions offers allot of crazy hair colors that aren’t permanent. I payed 7.95 euros for each of them and there are 89 ml in a jar. I’ve the colors: Flamingo pink, Violet, Atlantic blue. I bought the dark colors so you can mix them with conditioner for a lighter shade. This way you don’t have to use as much dye and it Will save you money :p You can get great pastel shades with these colors and it is also very much fun for a ombre hair look.


  • Make shore your hair is dry and you don’t wash your hair with conditioner. This way the dye won’t stick to your hair.
  • Fill a mixing bowl with conditioner and put a little bit of dye in it. Start mixing.
  • Put it on the piece of hair you want to put it on and make shore it’s covered well. Than let it stay in your hair for an hour and rinse it out with cold water and conditioner. Don’t use shampoo when rinsing the dye out. When you use shampoo you rinse almost all of the color out.

Now you will have some crazy colors in your hair. Hope you like =)


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