Red hair

Hi all

I’ve wanted to dye the hair from a mannequin red again. So I did :p. I tried to dye it red already a couple of months ago, but it went copper. And I wanted RED! Yesterday I bought some Red hair dye that i’ve used before. This was the cheapest and the most bright RED. Only this time her hair was lighter and and I left the dye in for longer. I payed 6 euros for a tube of a 100ml. I used a 20 developer because her hair was already light.


  • Make sure your hair has no products in it and it is greasy. This way it will absorb the dye much better.
  • Put vaseline around your hair line, ears and neck.
  • Mix the dye. It was a 1 to 1 part ratio. 100 ml of dye with 100 ml of developer. But I only used 60 ml of dye for her hair. 120 ml in total with developer.


  • Part your hair in sections ans start applying the hair dye.
  • I let it sit for a hour. I wanted it to be really bright.
  • Rinse it out with cold water and DON’T use shampoo. Put conditioner on your hair an rinse it out after a couple of minutes.
  • Let it dry by air or blow dry it.
  • Put also some hair oil in your hair.

Before photos:



Inside night with flash.


Inside without flash. Day.


Inside with flash. Day.

Outside without flash. Day.



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