A pink bath :p

Hey all

Don’t you all Love taking a bath. Well, I do! Yesterday I tried the new product from Lush: Fun. I was a bit skeptical at first because I thought It wouldn’t do really much. But it did! Bubbles, haha.


  • Brake a chunk from the bar. It depends in how big your tub is and how many bubbles you want. I must say that I took a little to much.

  • Take it to you bath and hold it undr the running water.

  • After a little while it’s starting to feel really gum like.

  • Here you can see the bubbles it’s creating.

  •  I also crumbled a little piece from the comforter bubble bar.

  • These where all the bubbles. The bath wasn’t even full because it would overflow with bubbles 🙂


Keep calm and take a bath :p Follow for more.


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