New Curling Iron

Hey all

I’ve had my regular curling irons now for a long time and I wanted to try something new, But I didn’t want to spent a lot of money on it. I wanted a curling iron/wand that would start with a bigger barrel and end with a slimmer tip. Here’s the review.

This curling iron cost 15 euros. That’s very cheap. First I was a bit skeptical if it would get hot enough. When I tried it I was pretty amazed. It can get very hot and it would hold your curls for a recently long time. I’m super happy that I have this curling iron.

The curling iron:


It has an on and off switch on the end of the curling iron.


The curling iron has 8 different heat settings. This is perfect for different hair types.


The beginning of the barrel is 1 inch and the tip is 1/2 of an inch. This is great for creating more natural looking curls.


When you turn the curling iron on it will have a red light. When it is ready there will be a green light.




If you wrap the hair around the barrel, you’l get more wavy curls. This is a more natural look.


If you clamp the hair and roll it up, you will get a ribbon curl. This is a vey nice look. It is more an elegant look.



Here I used the wrapping technique. Than I brushed it out with a brush. Here you can see very good that these are more waves. Love this look.

Hope you found it useful :p

xx Marlon


8 thoughts on “New Curling Iron

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