Moroccan oil Treatment

Hey There


About 6 months ago I got a sample of Moroccan oil. I was very exited because I heard many great stories about it but it is very expensive and I didn’t know if I was going to like it. I tried the sample and fell in love with it. It’s amazing! Since then I wanted to buy a bottle but I didn’t want to spent so much money on an oil. About a month ago I finally ordered my first own bottle of Moroccan oil! Yay! Normally it costs 40 euro, but there was a 5 euro discount.

I’ve used it quite a bit now, but the photos where taken when it was still pretty new. I can recommend Moroccan oil to every one. It helps repair hair and it adds lots of moisture. For me this is a miracle product, I can’t live without it anymore.



The bottle contains 100 ml, you may think that this is crazy but a little goes a long way.



You can switch the pump of the bottle. This way you can close and open it. This is a big pro for me because I take Moroccan oil with me a lot.



It also came with a little booklet. All the products from are in this booklet. This is easy if you want more products but you don’t know what they’re for.



Moroccan oil is a very thick oil but light weight on the hair. It has a orange/gold color and it smells like liquid gold from heaven! Looove the smell. If you have really fine, oily or blonde hair it’s best to order  Moroccan oil light.



It comes in a little box. On this box you can fin all the information about Moroccan oil and all the ingredients. The colors from Moroccanoil are light blue and orange. Very pretty.

Hope it was helpful!

xo Marlon, see you in 2013! whoop whoop.


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