Lush Haul

Hey all


I haven’t known Lush for a very long time now, but I love their products. The first time I went to Lush was in Februari last year. When you first go to a Lush store it can be quite overwhelming, all de scents and the products, you just simply don’t know were to start. I recommend going online and search a little before you go to the store. This way you maybe have an idea of what you want to buy, and you know a little bit more about their products. When you then enter a store it isn’t so overwhelming. If you want to ask questions, go ahead, the people in Lush are the nicest people! They’re so friendly and kind and they don’t push you to buy products.

Lush always has limited edition products that come whit seasons like fall, spring, summer and winter. I like their Christmas products the most. They smell so nice and comforting. After Christmas Lush always has huge sales. From watching a couple of videos about Lush products I now know this. This year I was going after Christmas. It’s amazing when a lot of there products have 50% off! It can be quite expensive so this is a great deal. Also a lot of products that weren’t in the Christmas collection have 50%off.


Here you see al the Products I bought. It are a lot of stuff! Normally I would have payed a lot, But whit the sale you save a lot of money.


I bought a chunk of Lust soap. I looove the smell of this but unfortunately It’s going out of their collection 😦


The sweet Christmas present. This was 50% off and I thought it looked really cute.


The Christmas party present. Liked what was in this box and love the packaging. There is going to be a seperate review on these boxes 🙂


Karma komba solid shampoo bar. This is a very fresh shampoo.


This is Melting Marshmallow Moment. You pop this in you bath and it wil start melting. I won’t fizz or create bubbles, but a wonderful smell and very moisturizing water.


Rose Queen bath bomb. Pop this is in your bath and it will fizz away. It smell like roses!


I wanted to try 2 shampoos from Lush. Fair trade Honey shampoo smells amazing and 50% off this shampoo is honey. Because honey is anti-bacterial, they didn’t use preservatives. Rehab is a shampoo made for damaged hair. This shampoo will bring your hair to live again!

That’s it. Hope it was helpful!

xoxo Marlon


6 thoughts on “Lush Haul

  1. You got lovely stuff! The last time I went to Lush I was gonna buy Lust soap because it’s smells so nice. I’m sad it’s going out of the collection 😦

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