Lush: Rose queen bath bomb

Hey all,


So I tried out the Rose queen bath bomb that I showed in a previous haul an I lik it a lot! I feel like you’re taking a bath in Japan. All the little roses and flowers really remind me of an Asian garden. Hmmmmm. It was really nice and relaxing and the water smelled really good.

A bath bomb is a bomb shape product that will fizz away when you pop it in your bath. I bought it from lush and I think it was 50% off, but I don’t know for sure.

When I store my lush bath products i will wrap them in cellophane wrap and put them in a plastic bag with a sticker on. This way I feel that it holds the smell longer. and you can see what’s in the bag.


Here you can se the water and the bath before i popped in the bath bomb.


Here you see some pictures when I popped it in the bath. XD


It is really nice, but the only con is that at the end of your bath you have to try to get all the pieces out, or it can clog your drain.

xoxo Marlon


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