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A while back I blogged about what straightener I should get. So what happened was: I contacted the site were I got my straightener from. I thought it wouldn’t help though because I lost my guarantee recite. Ooops! But they said that I could choose a new one! They didn’t had the simple Chi I had in the beginning anymore, so I could choose from Chi straighteners even worth more money. There also was one that I couldn’t choose from because it costs a little more money. I asked if I could pay a certain amount of and than receive that one. They were really nice and they thought it was ok. Whoohooo!


This was how the box came. As you can see it came with a little booklet with some off their products.


These are some off the lines Chi offers. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews of their products, but so far I’ve only tried the Chi silk infusion. I like it, it’s good!


The flat iron came in this gorgeous box. This is sooooo pretty. The straightener from Chi I had before had a simple package, nothing special, but this looks really nice.


It came with a little post card that said: “thank you from Chi” and that kind off stuff. Really cool. It also came with an instruction dvd. I must say that there isn’t anything special on the dvd. If you are a beginner with a flat iron it can be really helpful. And of course the amazing flat iron! 🙂


Here you see some pictures of the iron. It has ceramic plates and produces negative ions. This way the moisture stays in your hair and doesn’t dry out. This iron is digital and has 4 buttons, red: on/of, yellow: setting, black: temperature. Normally hair tools are really hard to storage because they have very long cords, and you can’t wrap them around the iron because this can damage the cord. Chi has a velcro piece that you can put around the cord, so it stays all nice and doesn’t get tangled up.


Here you can kind off see the digital screen when the iron is turned on. It’s funny because when you turn off the iron it says bye! 😛

So far I really like the iron. When you straighten your hair with a Chi iron, you will notice that your hair stays straight for a very long time. Even curling the hair with a curling iron afterwards doesn’t hold as well. This is the same for making curls with the iron. Just amazing. I also found that with this flat iron I don’t have to put the heat on the highest setting anymore. The only con still is I think that Chi irons can be quite fragile. I’ve also noticed it on this one. They are amazing, but not the strongest.

ByeBye, Marlon


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