Make liquid soap

Hey all,

A while back I saw a video how to make liquid soap from solid soap. I think this is very handy, because I don’t really like washing my body with solid soap. I like liquid soap a lot more. So i tried it and it works! The best part is that you can make so much soap with such a little piece.

I used Lush’s Rock Star soap. Normally you have to ad a tablespoon of glycerin. There were people who tried to do it without glycerin and it worked. Not as well, but it still worked. The reason why I used Rock Star soap is because it contains glycerin. I thought that it maybe would work better. I can’t really say that it does, but I just wanted to play safe.

I also recommend to not use a very creamy soap. I know what you’re thinking: Rock Star soap is very creamy! If soap is very creamy you have a chance that it won’t get bubbly when you use it. This kind of happened to me. It doesn’t really foam, but just a very little bit.

So, when you want to do this yourself, remember: soap that contains glycerin and a non-creamy soap. It think it would still work if it is creamy and doesn’t contain glycerin, but not as optimal.


Here you can see the piece of soap I used. It was about 50 grams. This soap came in the Sweet Christmas box from Lush.


With a knife you want to cut the soap in pieces. I recommend making them as small as possible. This way, it dissolves faster.


You probably can’t really see it, but I used 500 ml of water. You want to use 10 times as much grams of soap. Pour it in a pan, and turn on the fire/heat.


Stir the water until all the chunks are gone.


You can use a wooden spoon or a whisk.


It will look really watery, but don’t worry. It will get soap. Let this sit for a night.


The next morning it will look really jelly. This is normal. hahah XD


Use a mixer to mix it all up. Now it is soaaappp!!! whoop whoop. We did it!


I first poured it in a measuring cup because I couldn’t find a funnel. Use a funnel if you have one.


What I had left I put in a glass bottle.

And that’s it. If you trie it as well, leave a comment how it worked out.

xxxx, Marlon


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