I won a giveaway!!

Hey all,

You all know what a give-away is, right? Well, I won one!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooo whoooo! I was looking for some reviews about Moroccanoil and found one. As I was reading the post I saw it was a give-away. I was very exited and directly took part of the give-away. I got a comment back that I won and I was sooooooooo haaaappppyyyy. I know your feeling, Well I will never win one. That was what I thought to. But I did win, Yeeeaaaah. So, of course, You must check her amazing blog! I really like reading it. You should to! haha. And I want to thank her soooooooo muuuuccchhh.

Well, lets go on to the awesome stuff I won.


It was packaged really good and safe! I appreciate when someone takes the time to package something well.


Here you can see an overview of all the products. Wow, I didn’t expect this much! Thankyooouuuu!!!!


There was a brush set inside. OMG, they are sooooo soft! hhahaha. I don’t have much experience with makeup, but I think they’re pretty awesome. The set came with 5 brushes.


Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah Benefit they’re real mascara. I’ve heard such great things about this mascara. I don’t wear makeup because I’m a boy, but my sister likes the mascara. Really cool gift.


Dermalogica face cream. I haven’t heard a lot about this brand, but I was really exited. I’m always looking for some good face products. I like it, but there is one problem, the smell!!!!! Oooo, I can not stand the smell. It is sooo bad. I can only put this on when I’m going to sleep because I won’t have to smell.


This Rosewood Pearl lipstick from the Colorsensational line. It kind of is a tope/nude color. Really pretty!


A foundation stick from Maxfactor. The color is unfortunately way to dark. 😦 mheheh


I also was gifted with a Revlon kissable lip stain. It is such a beautiful color. It surprised me that it smells like mint!


These body jewelry. I don’t exactly know what to do with this but they look nice.


This supercool nail polish color from Maxfactor. Really nice for a party or event.


Elf face primer.


This Carmex lip balm. At first I thought like: OK? That’s funky packaging, and I didn’t really thought it was going to work, but OMG! This lip balm is BOM.COM I’m telling you. It is amazing. At first it feels kind of tingling on your lips, but after that they feel sooooooo smoootthh! I also found that this stays on for a very long time. Love it!


A body butter. Mmmmm, it smells very lovely. I like that it absorbs quick into your skin and still moisturizes it.


A rainforest moisture hair products line from the Body shop. It is nice to know that there aren’t any bad chemicals in these products. And work wonders. In the shower the conditioner and hair mask doesn’t seam to do something, but when your hair is dry it feels incredibly soft. So happy that I got all this stuff, can’t believe it!


An eyeliner. This one is very pigmented and stays on for a long time.


The box also came with some business cards. haha  XD

  And that was it. Can you believe it? All these products? I want give another huuuuggggeeee thank you to the lovely lady from EyeSpyBeauty !

xoxo, Marlon


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