New mannequin head

Hey all,

Normally I do product reviews and show hairstyles, but I thought it was maybe fun to do a review on a new mannequin. Or is that weird? Well, I don’t really care, so I’m just going to show you 🙂

In the past I’ve had several mannequins and I kind of know what I want in a mannequin. The things I look for in a mannequin head are:

  • hair length
  • Hair color
  • Hair origin
  • The head/face
  • And of course the price

I don’t buy all my mannequin heads from the same supply. That’s why they very a lot. If I buy a mannequin head I want it to be pretty and realistic. Like a real human!

So, I was online searching for a new head, and I already had an idea of wich one I wanted, but then……it was dis-continued! So I had to look for another one. So I was searching and searching and found one that is really nice. I’ve had it before and it is goood. And it was on sale to. It cost me 107 euros. Whooop Whooop. So I decide to order it and it came three days later in the mail. Which should be one as they claim -___-

I think this is Indian hair. I like Indian hair the most because it isn’t so coarse and thick. It hasn’t been color treated, because there are some grey hairs. These are some pictures of the head in different states.


This is the natural state of the hair. It is freshly washed at this point. As you can see it is a wavy/curly texture. I like this because when you blow-dry it, there is a lot more volume in the hair, and it looks good when you will dry it naturally.


Here I straightened the hair. As you can see it is very shiny and silky. I did cut some framing layers in the front because that’s the way I like it. 🙂 The ends are a little bit dry, but no split ends or anything. The color of this hair is black with a brown undertone in it. Talking extensions wise, between a 1B and a 2.


These are kind off loose tight curls. It kind of looks like her natural texture, but then a bit more curls instead of waves.


At this point I lightened the here a very very very tiny bit. I used a little bit of bleach with a lot of shampoo to lighten the hair maybe 1 tone. You can’t really see the difference, but there are a lot more brown tones in the hair now! ghehe

So, I hope it wasn’t too weird and you like it. XD

xoxo, Marlon


5 thoughts on “New mannequin head

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  2. Greetings,, just wondering when will someone design an african american head with beautiful long hair for students to practice on, black women have natural long hair too, an it shouldn’t break your pockets to purchase one either,

    • I know!!! I’ve been wanting one for the longest time. But most African/American heads have steam processed curls. Those curls are nice and all, but when you dye the hair the curl pattern will loosen up or dissapear. 😦

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