I cut my hair off!

Hey all,

Lately I was having a lot of comments again that I should cut my hair short again. I had my hair short in the summer of 2012. I wanted to, but my hair was pretty long again and I didn’t want to chop all of it off in one time. That’s why I decided to do it in two times. Ghehe.

So, This was the length of my hair. Pretty long and not that special.


Don’t judge. I look stupid!

So, the first time I was going to cut my hair myself. I’ve done this in the past and it went pretty well.


Not that much of a difference in the front, but the back was waaaayyyy shorter 🙂 I let my be like this for a couple of weeks and than I was like: ” You know what? I’m just going to cut it.” And I did. whoohooo. And it looks like this.


Ghehe XD

xoxo, Marlon


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