Pro:Voke Touch of Silver

Hey all,


On Youtube you can find a lot of great stuff, the only thing is, most of the time it is not available in the Netherlands. There are so much hair products that I want to try but I can’t because they only sell it in another country, or I have to pay a ridiculous amount on shipping.

I thought that this product was one of those things. I heard great things about it but I thought you could only buy it in the United Kingdom. Well this wasn’t the case. The other day I was looking at the hair aisle in a store where I don’t come that often. I was just looking and then….BAM, right in front of me I saw it. Pro:voke Touch of Silver. And I was like: No way! So I decided to buy it of course because I wanted to try it out soooooooooo bad. And I ended up loving it 🙂

Product review:

This is the first purple shampoo I found that actually could make your hair silver. I’ve tried it with other purple shampoos before but it just wasn’t working. This is a REALLY toning shampoo. If you have very light blonde hair, watch out because it can turn your hair silver!


One thing I also like is the price and the smell. It smell really good and I enjoy using it not only for the effects, also for the smell. Ghahaha. The price is also very nice. I think I paid about 5 euros. It contains 150 ml. This isn’t a lot of product but a little goes a long way.


I recently bleached the bangs of a mannequin and if you are familiar with bleach you know it will go very brassy and yellow.


After letting the shampoo sit for 20 min.



As you can see the hair is a very white silver colour after using it only one time. Really great results 🙂

Hope it was helpful

XoXo, Marlon


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