How To: Fade hair colour on hair extensions/ mannequin head

Hey all,

Not to long ago I blogged about some galaxy hair I did. It was really pretty but after a couple times of washing the hair the purple looked really bad and I decided to make her hair blonde again. I’m lucky that it was temporary colour, this way it would fade very easily.

I didn’t want to use bleach or other chemicals, because that would damage the hair even worse. I found out this technique which you can fade colour of hair extensions, wigs etc. You can’t do it on human beings (well, I’m sure you can, but would end terribly) because there is hot water involved. The technique does dry out the hair a little bit but if you use a deep conditioner after it would be fine.


  • Fill ups a boil or a bucket with very hot water.
  • Add a lot of cheap shampoo or hand-soap to the water.
  • Mix well and put the hair in the water.
  • Let is soak until the water is cold.
  • Shampoo and deep condition hair after this process.
  • Repeat after a couple of days if necessary.

I did this on the mannequin head a couple of times and the colour is almost gone 🙂


Here you can see the colour after doing the process one time. Not very pretty 😦 


Omg, this is the water after letting the mannequin sit for a couple of hours. Most of the purple came out as you can see.


You can see it is kind of a mint colour. Not very pretty though. If you are going to dye a mannequin head I would recommend not to dye the roots because, the head would turn that colour. When the hair was purple you couldn’t really see this. But now that the hair isn’t purple anymore, it became very obvious.


This is the third process. The first time most colour will come out. After doing it a couple off times there isn’t much colour left to fade.


The hair is kind of becoming blonde again 🙂 The hair is now very very light green-ish. At this point the purple is gone and the blue stained the other parts as well and it became one colour. When you have ombré or streaks of colour in the hair, try to only put that part in the water. If you have for example blue ombré hair, and you put all the hair in the water, the blonde parts will be stained with a very light blue tone.

I know that the hair still isn’t blonde, but I’m still working on it.

Hope it was helpful! :p

love ya lots, Marlon


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