Red Ombré Hair

Hey all,

It is time for another hair colour experiment! Recently I got a new mannequin head. It was an even black/brown colour and I wanted to try to get a red ombré. I’d seen a lot of videos about hair dyes like: l’Oréal hiColor, Majicontrast and Affinage Infiniti. These are all dyes that brighten dark hair to a vibrant red. If you don’t know hair colour and chemistry here’s a little something. Light hair dyes will not show up on dark hair. If you have black hair and you buy a vibrant red hair dye it won’t go vibrant red. This is because you are adding pigment over very dark hair. See it like painting. How lighter the canvas, how better the colours will show up.

I couldn’t find any of these hair dyes and thought: why not just buy red hair dye in the drugstore and see how it turns out.


This is the dye that I used the first time.


This was the colour before I was going to do the first round of colour.


I dyed the ends and did a balayage technique to blend the ends with the black. Processing 🙂


First colour results. Was hoping for a bit brighter red. But hey, can’t change it right?


This dye is meant for darker hair. So when I saw it I thought it was a good Idea.

Doing round two 😉


This time it went a little redder and a lot deeper. In real-life the colour isn’t very obvious, but when you take a picture with flash, you can see it very well.

xoxo, Marlon


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