From Blue Dip-Dye To Blonde Ombré Hair

Hey all,

Do you have those moments that you really get into one specific thing? Well, I have. With hair colour. Lately I want to colour every mannequin head and all my extensions. Of course I didn’t do this, gahaha. But I do have another post about hair colour. 🙂

I dip-dyed this hair


And with all the crazy coloured dyes, it fades fast. It wasn’t very pretty anymore and I decided to bleach out the blue.


I bleached the blue part and a bit of the blonde to give it a gradient affect. I bleached it with a 20 volume developer bleach and let it sit for 30 minutes. At this point the blue still is in the hair, but very little.


Second round of bleach. Same volume developer, same time. It isn’t completely out, but it isn’t as bad as it looks on the middle picture 🙂


I always tone the hair with my toning conditioner and purple shampoo, but I wanted to see if a dye would give it a nicer colour.


It even turned a little purple when it was processing. 😀


The end result is very nice. I’m really happy how the dye turned out. It is darker golden blonde on top and silver ivory blonde on the ends.

Have a great day!

xoxo, Marlon



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