Going Blonde #2

Hey all,

Long time, no see. gahaha Sorry for lacking on posts the last weeks. I think I needed a break from posting. But I’m back! 🙂

Today I’m posting about the going blonde journey. My sister and I decided to do it slowly and start with highlights. We don’t want to fry her hair! We really want to achieve a nice, light blonde before we go on vacation. That still is about 2 months away. Enough time to do 2 more highlight sessions. I highlighted her hair 2/3 weeks ago and now I’m posting the results. Because she had an ombré it is kind of hair to get the bottom and the top to match. But, we are getting closer with that. I think that after the next highlight session you wouldn’t be able to tell if she had an ombré or not.




You can see that it is much more blonde than last time. It is kind of a medium blonde. In the picture you see a little bit of roots, last time we bleached her roots as well to get it to be one colour. Next time we are not going to do that, because it leaves a very harsh root line.




The pictures show that the bottom of her hair isn’t really changing. I focused the highlights on the top part last time so there wouldn’t be much of a difference between colour any more.

Were do you want me to post about? Leave request in the comments 🙂

xoxo, Marlon


4 thoughts on “Going Blonde #2

    • We actually only used a purple shampoo. We could do this because her hair wasn’t to dark to start with. But if you are going to purchase a toner I would recommend Redken Shades Eq. These are colouring glosses which will also hydrate your hair, they are amazing! Xxx

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