15 Random Facts about me :)

Hey all, 

So today it is going to be a little different post. I’m not posting about beauty but 15 random facts about me. I wanted to do something different than beauty, and it seems to be fun 🙂

1. Okay, I’m 14 and already 5’10”! I know right, I’m pretty tall.

2. I am a cat person, I love me some sweet kittens. hahaha. I have 4 cats. Well, not specifically me, but my family. 2 cats at my moms. Boris and Tinkerbelle (My sister could pick the name, that’s why). And also 2 cats at my dad’s house. Bor and siki(Again I didn’t pick the name gahaha).

3. I have braces 😦 I know it will help my teeth but I hate them! I have them now since november and I’m dying for the moment the orthodontist sais I can be brace-less!

4. My current phone is a Blackberry. I am going to get a new one soon because I had mine over 2 years now and I want something new (iPhone5) gaha.

5. Since I can remember I love beauty, as a little kid it already was my thing. I already imagine me going to beauty school, can’t wait!

6. I have one true love, and it is called: my computer 🙂

7. I still remember the first flat iron that I owned. I got it as a present for my birthday a long time ago. Now that I look back, it isn’t a real great hair straightener but I keep it because it was my first one.

8.  I’m still in school. I don’t exactly now how high school works in America but In Holland you go to high school when you are 12 years old. And there are 3 main levels you can go to: vmbo-havo and vwo. Vwo is the hardest, this also takes the longest time. Vwo takes 6 years, havo 5 and vmbo takes 4 years. That means that I still have 4 years of high school to go and my graduation year is in 2017…

9. That also brings me to that next point. I live in Holland. It is in Europe and about the same level as London.

10. I always eat cereal in the morning XD

11. Lately, I am OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. My friends were watching it and talking a lot about it. So, I decided to watch an episode and got sucked in.

12. I don’t like reading, with that being said, I did buy the first book of Pretty Little Liars.

13. I believe in lucky and unlucky numbers. I do not like the number 13!

14. I like to listen to music from: Beyoncé, Duffy, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Shakira.

15. Wow, Now that I look at it, I start a lot of my points with “I”. gahaha My last one is kind of special to me. I like to move to LA when I’m old enough and finished school. It is a big dream of me!

There you have it, 15 random facts of me! Smile and rock on!

xoxo, Marlon


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