Like ice


So, I wanted to dye my hair for so long, but was scared what other people would think of it. Since I’m out and openly gay, I decided to do it. Not my whole hair just a piece. In the beginning of this summer I already got my hair cut, and I used a lightening spray from John Frieda what made my hair a blonde.

My plan was to dye a little piece of my hair to see how it would turn out. I did want a icy white-ish blonde.

The story:

hair wordpress profile pic


It’s kind of difficult to see, but here I just cut my hair. It was still quite brown here.

Photo on 8-25-13 at 7.05 PM


This was when I cam back from vacation. My hair grew a lot and it’s a blonde now. This was just before I died a piece of my hair.

Photo on 8-27-13 at 6.54 PM


This was how the piece turned out the first time. I bleached it twice with 30 volume developer and put loads of purple shampoo on there.

Photo on 8-28-13 at 11.23 AM


I wanted a bit of a bigger piece because the little piece was almost invisible XD I tried to tone it on my DIY toner way. But it was already evening and the light weren’t to good and this happened! (sorry for the derpy face:p)

Photo on 8-30-13 at 5.53 PM #5

I got my hair cut! Whoohoo!!! And after a lot of washing the green was gone. I bleached the piece even bigger this time again. Finally it’s like ice.

So, that was my little hair story.

loves Marlon


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