Joico K-pack

Hey all


About two weeks ago I ordered three products from the Joico K-pack line on I always get really exited when I order things off the internet.

I did had to wait about two weeks for the package to arrive with saver delivery. When the package finally arrived the first thing I had to do is use them. 🙂

I ordered the deep penetrating reconstructor, the intense hydrator and the restorative styling oil.


foto (13)foto (9)

Deep penetrating reconstructor:

This product is high in protein and is great for chemically treated hair. It smells amazing!!! It smells strongly of sweet bananas. It really does strengthen the hair and makes is very strong. I use this every once a while because you don’t want to overload protein on your hair. It is definitely a must-have if you bleach your hair. It costs 15 euros

foto (2)foto (3)

Intense hydrator:

This product is meant to intensely moisturize the hair. It makes your suuuuper soft and silky. This is the best moisturizing conditioner I’ve tried in ages. It is a lot more creamy than the deep penetrating reconstructor and has a very different smell. I really like this smell and I’m maybe a little bit addicted. This is a really good product if you have dry hair or you colour your hair. it costs 15 euros

foto (11)foto (12)

Restorative styling oil:

If you have read post from me before you know my holy grail product is Moroccanoil. This hair oil costs 40 euros and I’m not the richest kid and still re bought it 3 times because I couldn’t live without. Well… that changed. This oil leaves your hair feeling like a herbal essences commercial. It smells nice, not as good as Moroccanoil, but it still does the same job. It’s only 16,2 euros!!! (So much cheaper than Moroccanoil)

So that was about it for this review, hope it was helpful

xoxo Marlon





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